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(Open during summer months)
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Legislative Assembly Gift Shop
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Points North Gallery
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Avenue Magazine Design Challenge 

Avenue Magazine Design Challenge, designer Johanne Lewis. A close up of Patti's raku bowls is featured in the top right corner.

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Meet the Artist of the Month 

"Ask any potter about their process and you will probably discover that they have a bit of a control issue: things must be done precisely or the work will turn out all wrong. Raku artists are not your typical potters. They’re daredevils of sorts, throwing much caution to the wind as a fairly significant segment of the entire operation is left to the elements. Really, it’s all just one big game of Chance: throw the dice and let the chips fall where they may.

Featured as the artist of the month in the St. Albert Gazette
Patti Hartnagel wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s been making raku for more than 25 years. She still remembers that first glimpse of the incredible and unmistakeable raku. “It was so wild! I had never seen anything like that before,” she recalled, remembering that course she took so many years ago through the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Extension."

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St. Albert Gazette, December 2014


Golden Edge

My Lemon Cats, including Primo Gatto made in 1989, are featured in Golden Edge at the Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton from January 12 - March 30, 2013. Golden Edge celebrates a generation with a strong creative voice who stay on the leading edge of their craft medium.

Click here for more information and to view images of the whole exhibition.